Our Process

Below is the full design process, however this can be tailored to your individual needs.

Perhaps you are planning to change only part of your garden, or want to refresh your planting only. Phasing work is possible where budget is constrained.

If you have a very small area to design, a consultation and outline plan may be all you need. Please get in touch and we can talk about your own requirements.
1. Initial Visit & Consultation
A Consultation at your home where we will discuss your ideals and requirements for your garden. Following this meeting you will receive a no obligation quotation for the design work accompanied by a letter of design intention which explains how our design will fulfill your brief and ensures we have understood your needs. Our fee for the initial consultation is £50, which is credited back to you against design fees should you continue with a full design.
2. Site Survey & Site Analysis
Once you have agreed to move forward with a design, a Site Survey will be carried out to accurately measure the garden and its features.. Depending on plot size, this may be done by a qualified surveyor. The Site Survey sets out the house and its boundaries, other structures and existing trees or shrubs. A Site Analysis will also be undertaken which records other environmental features such as north point, overlooking from neighbours, and views / unsightly objects outside the boundary of the garden.
3. Outline Plan
An Outline Plan of the garden drawn to scale and supporting visuals are provided by us at the initial design stage. This will give you an idea of the space division and includes soft and hard landscaping such as paths, terraces, water features and structures. We will present our design ideas to you and any amendments to the plan's layout and / or concepts are agreed. A conceptual lighting design can be included if requested.
4. Detailed Design & Specification
The Detailed Design includes any amendments previously agreed and will be used by the landscape contractor in the building of the garden. This is accompanied by a Specification of the hard landscaping, and construction details where necessary.
5. Planting Plan & Planting Schedule
A Planting Plan will show both new and existing plants, their quantity and precise location. It will also give an indication of colour palette. An accompanying Planting Schedule details plant names, quantities and costings.
6. Project Managing the Build
Chalcot will help to appoint a contractor to build the garden by obtaining three quotes as required. Once build starts we are happy to oversee the project to keep the process simple for you, whilst ensuring the garden is built as specified.
7. Maintenance Plan
A Maintenance Plan is provided as a matter of course for you or your gardener to follow which will help the garden to mature, while keeping plants healthy. We can help you find a gardener to maintain your plants and lawn; and we will visit the site on a quarterly basis (or more frequently if necessary) for a period of 18 months following build to check that you are happy with the result and the garden is settling in.


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